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An aggregate of simple Common Lisp utility libraries.


This system houses a collection of general-purpose Common Lisp utility libraries. Included are multiple systems suited to a particular task, with each possibly including more systems. This system is useful only if you intend to load all utility libraries into your Common Lisp image. Alternatively, you may load the individual systems this library depends on, as you see fit, depending on your needs.

The following libraries become available with this system:

  • net.axity.common-lisp.utilities.dlist

    • An implementation of the double linked list data structure.
  • net.axity.common-lisp.utilities.genie

    • A tool to generate seedable pseudo-random numbers.
  • net.axity.common-lisp.utilities.logger

    • A simple message logging system.
  • net.axity.common-lisp.utilities.repl

    • Utilities for printing things readably in the REPL.
  • net.axity.common-lisp.utilities.sequences

    • Utilities for working with sequences.


This system is not yet available to be installed automatically with Quicklisp. To manually install using Quicklisp, clone this repository into your local-projects directory and issue the following in your REPL:

(ql:quickload :net.axity.common-lisp.utilities)


This system will load all other systems, thus has no documentation of its own. Instead, refer to the usage instructions for the system you are interested in, located in its accompanying file.


Copyright © 2016 Michael Fiano

Licensed under the MIT License.

A copy of the license is available here.